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Product & Package Management

  • Easily add and customize your own products
  • Create packages for easy one-click ordering
  • Manage individual pricing and discount.
Everything tailored to each of your customers, to give them the unique experience they deserve.


The only shop for all your customers

Consolidate all your customers in one place, and give them simple and user-friendly access to all of your products & services.


No hosting, no problems

Shopperly is a SAAS platform, which means we handle all hosting, and constantly update the platform with new requested features from all of you.

The only thing you need to do, is Sign up

Simple does it

At Dispo we believe that even the most complex problems, can have a simple solution.

Simple does it is our mantra and it's at the core of everything we do.
Whether it be making coffee, coming up with new business ideas, or making the worlds first sentient AI...

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